Happy Holidays!


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The simplest way to say “Happy Holidays”
& engage your visitors

Integrate Xmas Widget with your email, social and ads campaigns to bring instantly customized greeting cards to your site. If you've ever used a widget in WordPress you'll be done in minutes!


Fits all WordPress sites

Any theme, any plugin, any style - it works with everything! If your site is powered by WordPress we guarantee Xmas Widget will work. And it's responsive.


Personalised for every visitor

Data from your newsletter, social media campaigns can easily be pushed to the widget to create and decorate a personalised message for every visitor.


Unlimited design possibilities

More than a dozen backgrounds, fonts, pins, and icons to choose from. Colours are configurable as well and there's a custom CSS option.


Goes anywhere on your site

Placing it in your sidebars is a breeze, but you can also put it in pages, posts, header, footer - anywhere you like. Setting it up is super easy.


Animated snow effect

For that special touch we've included an animated snow effect that covers your widget; and there's some snow build up as well! Show our animated snow effect examples!


Friendly support

Our friendly and professional elfs are here to help you! Don't believe us? Give them a shout. And of course - our refund policy covers you!

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Examples - a few examples of what you can do

Banner setup - snow enabled, using variables shortcode

100% wide shortcode used and [var name="n" default="Dear visitor"] variable shortcode.

Narrow blizzard

Tree can be both static and animated

Custom image

You can fit any content into Xmas Widget

Sale - 50% off!

iPhone Example

Coupon giveaway

Call your visitors by name and give them a discount

Default Plugin Settings

Fixed width - 550px (but still responsive)

Buy now until the prices go up!
Not convinced? See Widget examples and our Tutorial Video!

Little Elf



  • Use on 1 site
  • Compatible with all WP Themes
  • Extremely easy to setup in minutes
  • Friendly Elf Support
  • Background and Text Color Picker
  • 5 different Icons
  • 2 Icon Positions
  • 5 different Backgrounds
  • Default, theme defined fonts
  • Snow Buildup options
  • Corners options
  • Animated Snow options
  • Guaranteed plugin updates
  • Custom CSS options
  • Custom Backgrounds
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Big Elf



  • Use on unlimited sites
  • Compatible with all WP Themes
  • Extremely easy to setup in minutes
  • Friendly Elf Support
  • Background and Text Color Picker
  • 15 different Icons
  • 4 Icon Positions
  • 10 different Backgrounds
  • 6 Christmas fonts
  • 2 Snow Buildup options
  • 2 Corners options
  • 2 Animated Snow options
  • Free Plugin Updates
  • Custom CSS options
  • Custom Backgrounds
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Elf Agency



  • Use on unlimited sites
  • Compatible with all WP Themes
  • Extremely easy to setup in minutes
  • Friendly Elf Support
  • Background and Text Color Picker
  • 20 different Icons
  • 4 Icon Positions
  • 15 different Backgrounds
  • 6 Christmas fonts
  • 4 Snow Buildup options
  • 4 Corners options
  • 4 Animated Snow options
  • Free Plugin Updates
  • Custom CSS options
  • Custom Backgrounds
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Questions? We have answers!

Will Xmas Widget slow my site down?

No, it's a simple widget with very little code. It will, however, add one CSS file to your frontend as well as a couple of images. If you’re using one of our fancy Google fonts, it will also include an additional CSS file. Mentioned files are included only on pages where you show the widget.

How do I install the plugin?

Please watch the video. It's very easy.

Is it responsive?

Yes, it's responsive. But please note that animated snow does not work on mobile devices.

How many widgets / shortcodes can I put on my site?

As many as you like! There is no limit. Increase your user engagement!

Will it work with plugin XYZ or on theme ABC?

Yes, we've tested it with numerous plugins and themes, and they all play nice with Xmas Widget. If you manage to find an environment in which it doesn't perform optimally - please contact our support.

Widget in visible, but not styled properly

Your theme is missing the wp_footer() function call. You're probably using a very, very old theme or a purely written one. Contact our support for quick help, but please consider using another theme or updating the current one.

Refund policy

We offer a 15 day "no questions asked" refund policy. We will be grateful if you give us a chance to fix the plugin if it's not working on your site, or give us a reason you're requesting a refund. For processing refunds, please contact our support from the email you made the purchase from or provide your license key.


Our support is available Mon - Fri, 9 am - 15 pm EST. Agents can only be contacted via email. Almost all emails are replied to within 48 hours. Please write in English, German or Russian. We do work on weekends but don't guarantee any response times. Please note that we will ignore any and all rude, inappropriate or threatening emails.

Using the widget as a shortcode

After saving the widget, its unique shortcode will be displayed at the bottom of the options box. Copy/paste that shortcode into any page/post to display the widget. You can adjust its width in pixels or percentages by editing the "width" shortcode property. If you don't want to display the widget in any sidebars - use our convenient hidden sidebar.
Shortcode example: [xmas id="3" width="550px"]
PHP integration example:
<?php echo do_shortcode('[xmas id="2" width="550px"]'); ?>

Using the variable shortcode

Variable (var) shortcode provides an easy way to display GET variables forwarded from other systems in your widgets. For instance, if you're sending out an email campaign and link to your website in it, just add "name" GET parameter to the link and use your mailing system's merge vars to populate its value, e.g.: yoursite.com/?first_name=%%SUBSCRIBER_NAME%%. Please note that some GET variables are reserved by WordPress, for instance ID. If you see your shortcode is not working simply change the variable name. The name itself is really not important.
Shortcode example: [var name="first_name" default="Dear visitor"]
See our Shortcode examples.

Resell License to Clients

Elf Agency license grants you permission to install the plugin on your clients' sites and charge them for a single domain use license. You may NOT resell the plugin on its own, in marketplaces, JV Zoo or any similar place. You may only sell the plugin as a part of a larger service you provide.

Affiliate / affiliate program

Yes, we have an affiliate program on Codecanyon. Sign up Codecanyon.net and use a link with your affiliate ID, like [Product-URL]?ref=MYCODECANYONUSERNAME. You will receive 30% with every sale.

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